What Is Yoga

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Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline that is widely practiced for health and relaxation. It involves breathing control, simple meditation and adoption of specific bodily postures.



Proper relaxation not only relieves stress but also is shown to improve mood. Proper relaxation has benefits such as decreasing blood pressure, relieving pain and improving your immune system.

By releasing the tension in the muscles and putting the whole body to rest, the nervous system get revitalized and inner peace is achieved, making you feel relaxed and fresh. This will also make you conserve energy throughout the day.


The purpose of the physical body is to move and exercise. One can achieve this by doing yoga postures which work on the entire body. The postures are designed to regulate the physical and physiological functions of the body.

Practicing the postures makes your body relaxed, gives you more strength and energy and rejuvenates the various systems of the body.


Make use of all the lungs by breathing fully and rhythmically to increase the oxygen intake. This is done by breathing slowly, deeply and rhythmical. One needs to regulate the length and duration of inhalation, exhalation and the pauses between the breaths. The breathing exercises show you how to energize your body and control your mind by regulating the life force (flow of prana). This will enable you to gain a more focused and calmer mind.


Proper diet should be balanced. Proper diet nourishes both mind and body. One should eat in moderation and only eat when feeling hungry. Unhealthy eating habits lead to lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes.


“A positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.”

Having a positive outlook will facilitate in having a peaceful mind. Positive thinking and meditation helps you remove negative thoughts and puts your mind under perfect control.


We think, we feel and are aware of what is happening around us. This is all thanks to the mind. Yoga for the mind is a therapy for managing and healing a range of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, post dramatic stress and panic attacks. The therapy helps you create a peaceful personality, a strong mind and a healthy body. This is done through yoga movements, breathe techniques (Pranayams) and self-awareness practices.Yoga for the mind teaches us how to utilize the combined power of the body and mind in a process of mutual care. It teaches us how to rebalance and regain awareness of all parts of ourselves.It’s not all scary and yes you could try it out.


When we think of yoga for the body, we imagine ourselves doing head stands, stretches or making the “oummmm” sounds when both of our legs are crossed. In real sense, this practice helps you improve the flexibility of muscles and joints.

The practice also strengthens the muscles and bones of our bodies and improves our body posture, body alignment and immunity. By practicing yoga for the body, you could easily prevent chronic illnesses such as sleep disorders, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. In short, your body feels healthier, more energetic and less prone to diseases and effects of day–to–day stress. You know: happy, healthy living.


The deepest part of our bodies is the soul. And of course the longest journey we all have to take is the journey within. Yoga for the soul is best achieved through meditation. Meditation gives you clear spiritual understanding of yourself. It helps you develop your strengths of character, new attitudes and responses to new life.