Wellness for the Family

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Yoga for Children

Yoga instills calm, soothing quality in children. Sitting in meditation on their mats will help with their attention. Tools such as games, doing poses from yoga books, singing songs with expressive movements, can be used to teach children yoga.

It also boosts their self-esteem and confidence by teaching them to be patient, persevere and work towards their goal. It helps with their concentration by encouraging them to clear their mind and focus on their effort.

Yoga for Youth

With the rising pressure from each and every corners of life, yoga practices may help the youth to cope with such pressures and contribute to life balance, and positive mental health. It will also help in self-esteem, attention, empowerment and self-regulation.

Yoga for Adults

Studies have shown positive feedback for yoga’s impact for depression and stress. Participants reported a marked decrease in stress levels after doing a couple of yogic postures such as back-bending, headstands and forward-bending posture.Practicing of yoga has improved relationships. Having a happy, contented mind is the key to every healthy relationships of any kind. So yeah, please do say, “I Love You” with passion.

Yoga at Work

We understand the fact that you have loads of work to complete but sitting all day long at your desk is not all good for your health. A little stretching doesn’t hurt. Besides, yoga will help you concentrate by allowing you to clear your mind. So instead of feeling fidgety with discomfort, do a yoga stretch that will leave you feeling tension-free and energized.