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Our brands are some of the most trusted in the region. Promoting healthy living, they are manufactured from the best quality products and are fortified for better, happier and healthier lives of all Africans.

They offer the best value for money.


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Cleaning your car

Do not wash your car on an excessively hot or sunny day. The water will evaporate too quickly and get soap spots on your car. Wait for a cooler, overcast day.

Dish washing Sponge

To restore a dish-washing sponge, soak it in salty water overnight.

Hard to reach corners

To clean the hard to reach corners of your house, spray old socks with cleaning fluid, wear them and use your toes to get to those areas


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How to treat light-colored stains

Here are some ways to treat light-colored stains. Start with the first, and if it doesn’t work, then try the...

How To Clean Your Pillow

HOT water1 cup of Gental detergent1 cup bleach-msafi bleachThis will get your pillows clean in no time!

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