About Bidco

Bidco Africa is East Africa’s leading manufacturer of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Started in 1985 as a soap manufacturing plant in Nairobi, Bidco has continuously grown over the years to be the home of some of East Africa’s most loved brands across the edible oils & fats, Hygiene and Personal care and most recently Food and Beverage brands.

The Choice on the Shelves

With currently over 50 brands, Bidco Africa has grown to not only serve consumers’ needs in the Edible Oils & Fats, Hygiene and Personal Care category but has most recently set foot in the Food and Beverages category producing Noodles, Juices and Carbonated Soft Drinks.

Why Bidco Exists

To serve daily consumer needs and enhance Happy Healthy Living by Branding, Transforming and Distributing the goodness of Mother Nature.

Bidco’s Goal (BHAG) 2030

To Grab, Grow and Sustain No. 1 Market Share in African Markets.

Our Goal

To Grab, Grow and Sustain No. 1 market share in the African markets by 2030. We are determined to achieve this through conventional marketing and enhancing the everyday experiences of our customers.

Our People

Will seek opportunities and overcome challenges ethically and strive to make them a reality. All our people value Integrity and uphold it ruthlessly building trust leading to empowerment.

Our Organization

Is committed to continual renewal so that our people, structures, products, facilities, systems and partnerships remain dynamic.

  • Our Values

    Our products, processes and services will always reflect:
    – Our customers’ needs
    – Excellence
    – Quality with a price advantage
    – Environmental friendliness
    – Welfare to the community

  • Happy Healthy Living

    This is why we exist; why we work; why we produce; why we sell and why we are a family. This is both our inspiration and aspiration; it is our DNA and number one operating procedure.

    All our operations, actions, words and values spring from the idea of Happy Healthy Living. This is our true value.

    Our ethos informs our attitude; our approach to work and to each other. We will be positive and passionate just want to be happy and healthy.

  • Our Vision

    Bidco Africa will be the 1st African born, Africa based transnational, enjoying loyalty of the consumer community. Our products will touch common people in a special way. On a daily basis, we will impact our community and environment positively and grow sustainably and inclusively.

    Our Mission

    Bidco’s mission is to offer happy, healthy living and a natural, wholesome lifestyle to all our consumers via health-preserving and life-enhancing products.

The Innovation that Empowers

Bidco Africa is creative and innovative. Bidco has gone before others on the road less travelled. Bidco was the first company in East Africa to adopt ISO standards, ensuring we give the consumers world class products.

Bidco is also a Kaizen/Lean Management practicing organization which means there is always a better way of doing things. We continuously renew our processes, structures, products, systems and partnerships to keep our organization dynamic. With Kaizen, we are always improving, never satisfied, always arriving, never arrived and this also means we are open to change all the time – as long as it adds value to the customer.

The Link of Generations

Bido Africa is born of a strong legacy and a rich heritage. Founded by Bhimji Depar Shah and his two sons – Tarun Bhimji Shah and Vimal Bhimji Shah, it is a story of humble beginnings, big dreams and a far-reaching vision. It is the story of the founders coming together to create, grow and transform a humble family business into a regional agro-based juggernaut.

The Bidco story is of generations of Kenyans, East Africans and Africans who have grown on Happy Healthy Living products and for whom Bidco Africa is a part of their story.

The Bidco Environment

  • Our products, processes and services will always reflect:
  • We believe there is always a better way
  • Bidco Africa is a place where ideas win
  • At Bidco Africa, people flourish and grow
  • We uphold respect for the individual
  • At Bidco Africa, the excitement of our employees work life is transferred to their whole Family

Partnerships that Thrive

Bidco Africa has multiple joint ventures it has explored in its journey of success. We have gotten into partnerships with Co-Ro of Denmark, Land O’Lakes from America and Wilmar International.

Our Causes

Bidco Africa is a member of the Business Call to Action, 3 GF and supports the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Bidco aims to advance up to 7 Sustainable Development Goals. These:

The Hope of The Farmer

Agriculture is Africa’s number one business. This makes the farmer the most important person in Africa. at Bidco Africa, we believe empowering the small-scale farmer through inclusive partnership is the way to build solid prosperity that will last for generations. We currently partner with over 30,000 farmers across East Africa, from whom we buy product at market rates.

The Comfort of the Community

Bidco Africa is dependable and understanding. We are a Socially Responsible Corporate. We understand that we are part of a community that needs care, empowerment and support in many ways and across all age groups. We engage the community by offering sponsorship and mentorship to students. Our staff also take the ethos of Happy Healthy Living to the community through peer educator groups that conduct outreach and wellness programs. We are a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact which helps us align our strategies and operations with universally accepted principles in human rights, labor, environment, anticorruption and actions that advance societal goals.

Saving Kenya's Water Towers

Bidco Africa has committed to plant up to 1 million Bamboo on the sites of Kenya’s most important water towers. This is in efforts to support of Environmental Conservation.

Supporting Sports and Talent

Bidco Africa sponsors the men and women Kenya National Rugby 7s teams under the Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) umbrella body. The company also runs Bidco United Football Club (BUFC) which plays in the National Super League.

The Eraser of Borders

Bidco Africa is growing and always moving forward. We currently have manufacturing units in four countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and most recently Madagascar. Our distribution wave of Happy Healthy Living touches other 17 countries across Africa.

The Inspiration of a Workforce

Bidco Africa is a family. With over 4,000 employees across East Africa, we are more than an enterprise. We are a family that respects and motivates each other. A family that learns and grows together. A family that shares and cares. Our extended family includes over 10,000 distributors and suppliers across East Africa. we believe in inclusivity and shared prosperity. At Bidco Africa, we treat everyone equally and with respect to gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race, color, religion or belief, nationality or ethnicity – all are irrelevant.

Global Awards

We stand tall as a formidable industry leader and world-class African champion. Integrity and sustainability are the foundation of our corporate mission.

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