With over 40 brands, Bidco is the largest East African marketer in edible oils, margarine, baking powder, soaps and detergents. We focus on quality, and we ensure our brands are diverse enough to cater for every person’s needs. We have everything from household names like Elianto, Power Boy and Kimbo to growing brands like Veebol, Soya Gold and Msafi bar soap.

More than 100 million people trust our brands across 15 African countries. This has helped us to grow the East African economy in our own way.

At the helm of Bidco is renowned businessman, Vimal Shah, "we have employed more than 2,000 people directly and more than 20,000 in the value chain".

The quality and variety of our brands, which people keep coming back to, have made The Bidco Way the new mantra in the business community.

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  • 1. Kenya
  • 2. Tanzania
  • 3. Rwanda
  • 4. Uganda


  • 1. Burundi
  • 2. Comoros
  • 3. Djibouti
  • 4. DRC
  • 5. Eritrea
  • 6. Ethiopia
  • 7. Madagascar
  • 8. Malawi
  • 9. Somalia
  • 10. South Sudan
  • 11. Zambia
  • 12. Zimbabwe
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