Let us Rise Above the Negative News

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11th April 2020


We as a nation are undergoing very trying and testing moments that is affecting one and all showing no mercy to class, race, religion, political affiliations, status of rich or poor. During this time, we should be coming together to help one another and focus on the good that each one of us is doing in supporting and building hope.
Unfortunately, some individuals choose to be the creators of doom, dismay, negativity and evangelists of fake news. This may be their calling and the path that they may have chosen, whilst many others choose to rise above all the negativity and focus on the good, the positive and the purpose for which we have been put on earth. Our purpose as Bidco Africa is to create a Happy, healthy, living environment.

We have noticed a recent key board warrior choosing to spread fake news and riding on emotions of an already
struggling people and fragile society undergoing the toughest period. We wish to set the record straight as this is about our people, people we care about, people we are reaching out to help at this very trying time and a mockery being made of it.

1. NONE of the Bidco products that were given were expired as has been alleged.

2. The subject matter is about a collaborated support with other individuals and donating companies via the
Office of the Kibra Sub County Deputy County Commissioner. Bidco’s products were not the only products
handed over and received on Thursday 9th April 2020. These products were then distributed the next day by
the Govt County office to their identified group of beneficiaries without any involvement from Bidco’s staff.

3. Bidco has proactively responded over the last couple of months to the needs of people and has been
supporting communities in the slums, street families, schools and other environs in various ways from
providing soaps, sanitizers, hand wash stations, beverages and food.

4. Over the period we have reached out to more than 10,000 street families, 9 villages of Korogocho slums,
homes for the aged and differently abled, women’s groups and close to 50,000 direct beneficiaries while
abiding by the new social norms of safety.

We affirm our continued commitment to stand by all Kenyans and the world at large. That, we will provide unwavering support and together we will come out of this as a stronger people, a steadfast Kenya.
We ask fellow Kenyans, to please fact check information and news always. We also make a plea to all to support each other in these trying times. We are in this together even though apart and if we all reach out with a helping hand in whatever small way we can, we are playing our part in lifting humanity.

God Bless Our Land Kenya