KEBS Gives Gental Care Hand Sanitizer a Clean Bill of Health

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May 28, 2020

Gental Care Hand Sanitizer manufactured by BIDCO AFRICA has been given clearance by KEBS and certified as fully compliant with the standards and all measures on quality and safety.

Following the notice issued to the public on the Standardization of Gental Care Hand Sanitizer, we engaged with KEBS on the necessary steps, probing their actions in search of an amicable solution. Consequently, we opened our doors to KEBS officers to conduct a surveillance audit, collection of random samples as we recalled two batches of the product from the market on their advice.

We would like to state that on two separate occasions, KEBS visited our manufacturing plant in Thika on a rigorous exercise that saw samples of Gental Care Hand Sanitizer subjected to test and confirmation on quality and alcohol concentration. We also provided KEBS with evidence of measures on Pre-production Quality Assurance as well as Post-production Quality control.

We have received confirmation from KEBS, in writing, that Gental Care Hand Sanitizer is fully compliant with set standards and meets all measures on quality and safety. We have since adjusted the alcohol content from the recommended minimum 60% to 70% minimum concentration. Such is informed by our desire to leave nothing to chance in the wake of the now Covid-19 pandemic that has brought with it lots of impact on the socio-economic wellbeing of people and businesses.

We assure all our customers and consumers that whereas we remain fully committed towards enhancing Happy, Healthy and Safe Living, we will never compromise on quality. BIDCO continues to cooperate and inclusively consult with KEBS not only on the quality and safety of Gental Care Hand Sanitizer but also on all fronts. We continually listen to the rising needs and changing trends of our customers and the consumer community at large– a true spirit of the heritage BIDCO has championed over the years.

We will never relent on our resolve to work with the wananchi and communities that are in dire need of help and support especially those affected most by Covid-19 pandemic; there is hope amidst these challenging times.


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BIDCO Africa is East Africa’s largest FMCG manufacturer. Founded in 1985, BIDCO Africa is the market leader in the edible oils and fats categories in Kenya. BIDCO Africa also manufactures Hygiene and personal care products and most recently set foot in the Food and Beverages product categories producing noodles, juices, water, carbonated soft drinks and energy drinks.

BIDCO Africa is a Responsible Citizen, guided by its Code of Ethics and a signatory to, among them, the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the United Nations Women Empowerment Principles (UNWEPs). BIDCO operates in best practices benchmarking with Global Standards and has received numerous awards and certifications including:

  1. Food Safety Management System Policy – ISO 22000
  2. Social Accountability Policy – SA 8000
  3. Energy Management System Policy – ISO 50001
  1. Quality Management System Policy – ISO 9001
  2. Integrated Management System – PAS 99
  3. Environment Management System Policy – ISO 14001
  4. Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy – BS OHSAS 18001