Bidco takes Corporate Social Responsibility both seriously and personally. We aim to be socially responsible hence re-naming our CSR and striving to be a Socially Responsible Corporate (SRC). 
The Bidco Peer Educators Group was developed to guide its employees and the community at large to lead happy, healthy lives. With community outreach activities and wellness programs in plenty, the Peer Educators Group conducts community-based activities on a regular basis. They :
  •   Create awareness and identify the advantages of having a healthy work force leading to more productivity internally and externally.
  •     Aspire to be the best leaders by supporting and giving hope to peers and those in the community.
  •     Sensitize Bidco’s work force and the community on behavioral change that will reduce mortality rates and promote knowledge on physical and nutritional wellness.



As a private organization, we follow the most beneficial corporate governance practices.
We ensure that at any given moment the plant is running to perfection. Tenders issued have a minimum of three bidders and are chosen on merit by the procurement committee. Bidco makes quick yet enlightened decisions that ensure smoother operations and greater productivity at all levels.

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