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Our brands are some of the most trusted in the region. Promoting healthy living, they are manufactured from the best quality products and are fortified for better, happier and healthier lives of all Africans.

They offer the best value for money.


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How to tell when meat is fully cooked

Use the thermometer at the end of the cooking time and dip it for 15 sec only at a depth of 2 inches or to the indicator mark on the thermometer.
Insert it at the center at the thickest part and not in the bone or fat.
Raw 140º
Well cooked 170
Raw 150
Well cooked 170
Chicken breasts 170

Peel a potato in seconds

Wash the potatoes thoroughly, then put them in water and boil for a few minutes. Immediately after, dip them in ice water for 5-10 seconds. The peelings should come right off after that.

Have coffee, and then take a nap

In a Japanese study that examined how to make the most of a nap, people who took a "coffee nap"—consuming about 200 milligrams of caffeine (the amount in one to two cups of coffee) and then immediately taking a 20-minute rest—felt more alert  and performed better on computer tests than those who only took a nap.
Why does this work? A 20-minute nap ends just as the caffeine kicks in and clears the brain of a molecule called adenosine, maximizing alertness. As adenosine levels increase, we become more fatigued. Napping clears out the adenosine and, when combined with caffeine, an adenosine-blocker, further reduces its effects and amplifies the effects of the nap.

According to Alex, a coffee expert on ground coffee beans at Ground Homes, adding coffee to your routine can help improve the quality of life, stimulate your nerves and guarantee better performance at work.


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