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Animal Feeds

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Feeding Low Protein Diets to Dairy Cows

Feeding diets with lowered protein content reduces nitrogen input, improves nitrogen utilization efficiency, and reduces nitrogen losses from manure. Reducing dietary protein also benefits the producer by reducing feed cost and improving overall farm profitability. These interventions, however, have to be balanced with the risk of loss in milk production. If the true animal requirements for metabolizable protein are not met, long-term production cannot be sustained.

Broilers can suffer from heart attacks

Broilers suffer from heart attacks and a condition called ascites that may be related to feeding. These birds convert two pounds of feed into one pound of weight and grow so quickly that it can be stressful on the birds' systems. Ascites is congestive heart failure where fluids build up and cause high blood pressure in the chick. 
Veterinarians recommend that to prevent ascites, you should remove the food at night to slow down the growth rate. Another way is to only feed 90 percent of the total food the birds are capable of eating every day. Eliminating supplement feedings may help as well.

Broilers and water

Broiler chicks need access to fresh water at all times. You can provide fresh water using a poultry waterer that has a reservoir for the water and a pan for the birds to drink out of. These waterers are gravity fed. As the chicks drink the water, more water fills the pan from the reservoir.


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Maize for Animal Feeds

Maize is grown for its grains which are used when green, dry, or milled into flour. It is a staple...

Healthy treats for chickens

Scrambled Eggs- it may seem ironic to feed eggs to chickens, but eggs are an outstanding source of protein, vitamin A,...

Sunflowers as Feeds

Sunflower seeds have many varieties but the main ones, and especially in the region, are the tall and the dwarf....

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