At Bidco we believe in the future of Africa. Over the years we have successfully won over the market, becoming the largest and fastest growing manufacturer and marketer of consumer products.

Currently, we market and distribute the largest and widest range of product categories in the East and Central African regions such as: Edible Oils, Cooking Fats, Margarine, Baking Products, Hygiene Products, Detergents, Laundry Bars and Animal Feeds

We exist to serve daily consumer needs to enhance Happy Healthy Living by Branding, Transforming and Distributing the goodness of Mother Nature.



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With an excellent product portfolio, high customer satisfaction level and well integrated present-day systems of efficiency and management, we stand tall as a formidable industry leader and world-class African champion.

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Are you tired of the same old meals day in, day out?

Bidco presents a twist or two in each traditional recipe, and a handful of new ones bursting with flavor.

Get your taste buds to tingle in delight once again.


Time for Global Action - Bidco

Bugala Island in Kalangala District, a fishing village on Lake Victoria was once the most remote and 71st out of 76 in poverty rankings in Uganda. Fish stocks dwindled and with little infrastructure to rely on, there was no potential for growth.

It is then that Bidco Uganda through its subsidiary, Oil Palm Uganda Limited (OPUL), the Government of Uganda and the People Public Private Partnership (4P) came to the rescue of this island through a successful implementation of an Oil Palm Project.

Bidco provides technical advice to the farmers throughout the preparation period and provides a ready market by buying all their produce at competitive world-bank formulated price.

This partnership brought together both public and private investors to nurture the interests of over 1800 small scale local farmers turning the island into an economic hub ranked among the top 10 in per capita income.

The project has since created over 6000 direct and 15000 indirect job opportunities becoming the largest oil palm plantation in Africa, reducing Uganda’s reliance on imported pal, oil diversifying its agricultural exports.

Watch the film at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfaAYUUZG-Q



Bidco Africa would like to alert all our stakeholders, suppliers and the general public of a smear campaign targeted at our company by unsavoury and malicious individuals under the banner of No2bidco and Bidco Truth Coalition.

The campaign has developed and heavily circulated falsehoods and misinformation about our company, our people and our operations on social media platforms, and blogs. They have since extended this to sending unwelcome emails to our partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The fake news features allegations of labour violations, tax evasion and land grabbing by Bidco Africa in Uganda. None of these claims are true.

The campaign is designed to influence certain court cases and determine the outcome of a multi-billion shilling project that has nothing to do with Bidco Africa or its operations.

We have absolutely no problem with bloggers pressing for accountability and transparency but we take grave exception to using online activism as a cover for deliberate and malicious tearing down of a proudly Kenyan business that employs thousands and supports tens of thousands through its supply chain.

It is telling that those engaged in this task have chosen to hide behind faceless websites and email addresses. This confirms their lack of credibility.

Bidco Africa is subject to the laws of Kenya and we are fully compliant in all respects. Anyone with a contrary view should inform the relevant authorities immediately.

We have nothing to hide and our conscience is clear. We have taken legal actions to protect our reputation and business and we look forward to the conclusion of the cases.

Click here for a comprehensive fact sheet on the allegations and the evidence refuting them.

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